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4 police pvc patches
5 white corporate pvc patches
4 military pvc patches
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1 pvc patch
4 police pvc patches5 white corporate pvc patches
4 military pvc patches4 security pvc patches
2 pvc patches

Custom PVC Patches

Step into the world of PVC patches, where modern style meets unparalleled durability. Unlike traditional embroidered patches, these are crafted from durable, flexible rubber that's an endless of possibilities for bringing your design to life. What makes PVC patches truly stand out? These 3D sculpted wonders are molded using different colored plastic polymers.

Embrace vivid colors and personalized flair, as PVC patches become your canvas for unique expression. Their adaptability to various surfaces, from jackets to bags, makes them versatile accents that seamlessly integrate into your style narrative. In a world where fashion is ever-evolving, these patches stand as durable couture, crafting enduring statements that withstand trends, ensuring they're not just embellishments but symbols of your unique fashion identity.

Turn your logos or designs into modern, dimensional patches that command attention. The high-end rubber look, flat matte finish, and bright colors are right on-trend, appealing to a wide range of markets. PVC patches are soft and flexible, yet durable enough to withstand wear and tear, making them ideal for heavier apparel and outerwear. Ready to make a statement that lasts? Fill out our quote form, and let's bring your PVC patch vision to life!

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