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Custom Antique Challenge Coins

Step into the realm of timeless elegance with our custom-made antiqued challenge coins, where classic design meets modern craftsmanship. Striking a balance between vintage charm and contemporary detailing, these coins are custom-designed to embody the essence of your organization or commemorate special moments. Crafted from brass, iron or copper, each coin is meticulously plated with your choice of antiqued gold, bronze, silver, or copper, adding a touch of sophistication. The antiquing process, delicately applied and lightly buffed, leaves behind an aged, patina appearance, creating a distinct character on every newly minted coin. Enamel colors and an epoxy dome option further enhance the allure of these timeless pieces.

What makes our antiqued challenge coins truly unique is the versatility of an all-metal design that complements any logo or intricate design. "A classic look for your coin that will turn it into a lasting keepsake, these coins are available in circular shapes or can be customized into any desired shape at no extra charge. Popular choices include custom silver and gold plating, adding an extra layer of prestige to your bespoke creation.

Elevate your design without color fill with our die struck antiqued challenge coins, the optimal choice for those seeking an all-metal finish. The raised details shine subtly against the darker recessed areas, creating a visual depth that captures attention. Fast production turnaround makes these coins a practical solution for those in need of quick delivery. Ready to bring your design to life? Fill out our quote form, and let our expert artists turn your vision into a distinguished antiqued challenge coin that stands the test of time.


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