Custom Lapel Pins

Over 100,000 satisfied customers! We will not over promise and under deliver. We’ve been making enamel pins for over two decades and we have the knowledge and skill to make sure we deliver the pins you want. We routinely price compare to make sure we are offering the lowest possible price with the highest quality pins. Make Quality Lapel Pins your first choice for custom pins.
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5 soft enamel sports related lapel pins on red background
For an unique pin that stands out

Soft Enamel Lapel Pins

Discover the timeless appeal of our custom soft enamel pins. Crafted through a die striking process, these pins are underfilled with vibrant enamel, baked for curing, resulting in a textured surface that combines raised metal and recessed enamel. Unlike smooth alternatives, soft enamel pins offer a classic touch you can feel.

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3 hard enamel retro lapel pins
Bespoke Jewery quality

Hard Enamel Lapel Pins

Get ready to add a touch of personality to your style with our custom hard enamel pins! Crafted with meticulous precision, these pins are more than just accessories – they're a reflection of you. We're talking about a smooth and polished finish that effortlessly blends enamel paint with raised metal walls.

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3 printed lapel pins
Full of color and intricate detail

Full Color Printed Lapel Pins

Introducing our full color printed lapel pins – a versatile and vibrant option that brings your intricate designs to life with precision. Unlike other lapel pin manufacturing processes, our full color printed pins eliminate the need for metal separation between colors, making them the perfect choice for reproducing complicated logos, designs or actual photographs.

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3 antique lapel pins
Elegant and distinguished

Antique Lapel Pins

Step into timeless elegance with our antique lapel pins. These vintage-inspired pins offer a sophisticated touch to any design, creating cherished keepsakes that leave a lasting impression. Antique pins are a perfect choice for recognition awards, school honors or promotional events.

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1 gold 3d badge lapel pin
Durable, Cool and 100% Customizable

3D Zinc Lapel Pins

Unleash your creativity with our custom-designed 3D zinc lapel pins. These pins are not just accessories; they're a dynamic statement piece, providing a tangible reflection of your unique style.

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Blue and Yellow Californian UV Printed Pin
Best Value

UV Printed Lapel Pins

UV printed pins undergo a fascinating and meticulous process that results in stunningly detailed designs. Unlike traditional methods, custom UV printed pins are crafted using an inkjet technique where ink is instantly dried using UV light.

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