Two Gold Hard Enamel Coins
Two Gold Hard Enamel Coins
Two Gold Hard Enamel Coins
Illinois state patrol Hard enamel challenge coinHard enamel challenge coin
Two Gold Hard Enamel Coins4 antique challenge coins
THree police Hard enamel challenge coins

Custom Hard Enamel Challenge Coins

Introducing our custom-made hard enamel challenge coins. Crafted with precision, these jewelry-quality coins redefine excellence in custom design. Struck from brass, copper or iron each coin is plated with your choice of finishing. The meticulous process includes filling all colors with a special enamel, subsequently baked to perfection. The result? A smooth finish, a glassy sheen, and a high quality coin representing your group, team, brand or organization.

What sets our hard enamel coins apart is their polished, professional appearance. If you're seeking custom challenge coins with no minimum order requirements we are the company for you. As custom metal coins, the base metal serves as the canvas for the vibrant enamel colors that bring your design to life. With a variety of plating options and an extensive color palette, customization is seamless. Ordering is a breeze – simply fill out our free quote form to get started. Our team of seasoned artists are here to help exceed your expectations, ensuring your custom challenge coin turns out even better than your vision.


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