1 complex shape challenge coin with soft enamel filling
3 medical complex shape challenge coins1 complex shape challenge coin
1 complex shape challenge coin

Custom Complex Challenge Coins

Introducing our custom-made complex shape coins, breaking free from the traditional molds of circles, ovals, and rectangles. We take pride in offering coins with intricate shapes and cutouts, made possible through our innovative die-cast zinc alloy process. Unlike standard die-struck iron processes, this method allows us to craft coins with unique shapes, ensuring that your coins stand out in their individuality. Our commitment to creating truly unique coins extends to our team of graphic artist representatives, who work directly with you to bring your design ideas to life and perfect them according to your vision.

While round challenge coins have their classic charm, the trend is shifting towards cut-to-shape challenge coins, marking the future of personalized coin design. Recognizing that no two teams or organizations are alike, our custom cut-to-shape option allows you to create challenge coins as distinct as the individuals receiving them. This tailored approach ensures that your coins not only carry your design but also mirror the uniqueness of your team or organization, making each coin a personalized token of significance.

Great for military, fire fighter and police coins, your coin can take any form that reflects your achievements. At Quality Lapel Pins, we are here to help you turn those dreams into reality. To get started on creating your unique custom coins, fill out our free quote form, and let us be a part of bringing your vision to life.


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