Show School Spirit With Custom Pins

School Pins

Create custom pins that your students will be proud to wear.  Available in different sizes, shapes, and colors, colleges and universities can use these items to communicate a message to their student body, alumni, and staff easily and affordably. Custom lapel pins have a variety of uses in academic settings.  They can be used to recruit, educate, promote, reward, and raise funds.  Special school pins can be created to commemorate star athletes and students as well as dynamic instructors and administrators.  They can even be handed out to family members, donors, and volunteers as a way of thanking them for their added support.

Welcoming New and Returning Students

New and returning students can benefit from being given lapel pins at the start of the school year.  Not only do these items establish affiliation with the academic institute represented, they also boost morale, encourage attendance, and serve as a small but personal thank you gift for enrollees.

Demonstrating School Spirit

School spirit can be demonstrated on a daily basis through the use of personalized lapel pins.  College or university mascots, club emblems and mottos, and Greek letters can be included in the design which increases the pin’s relevance and attractiveness.  These items can then be worn on lanyards, jackets, hats or backpacks as a way of showing pride.

A Timeless Keepsake

Throughout the years, custom lapel pins have been regarded as the type of items that evoke emotions.  In addition to being personalized and easy to store, the small pieces of memorabilia serve as a direct reflection of the types of activities students were involved in during their academic careers.  The lapel pins also signify accomplishment and personal success. Receiving a quality education is often a challenging feat.  Students can be encouraged to set goals and meet program requirements through school administrators and instructors that respect their individual circumstances and efforts. Custom lapel pins help academic institutes welcome students, reward their achievements, and reflect upon their time in college.  That is why so many schools use them for their day-to-day activities.  Smart and customizable lapel pins from Quality Lapel Pins are just one phone call away.  Fill out our free quote form or email us at to start working with one of our trained artists. They will send you a digital proof of your design and there is no obligation to buy! Get started today and see what your custom pins could look like!

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