How To Make Your Own Custom Charms


Are you looking to create custom charms with your own unique design? It all starts with an idea. When you send us your rough sketch or description we can create digital artwork to show you what your custom charm could look like. The first thing to consider when you begin working with our designers is the size of your custom charm. Should it look delicate or should it really pop with 3D? Being thoughtful about sizing is important. Additionally, consider your budget and the quantity you want to order. Work with one of our artists to determine the best shape for your design. Even though charms are small, we can get an extraordinary amount of detail into your design.

Is your charm for a special event or to honor a special person? Use text to commemorate the date or to honor the person's name and accomplishments. You can even send us a photo of the person and we will be able to recreate them in a 3D mold for the charm. If you event has a logo already, you can upload the image and we will create a custom metal charm out of that artwork.

What Are My Options?

You have a lot of options when it comes to making custom charms. First consider the metal color. The metal plating of your charms can add a little more custom flair. High polish gold, silver and copper plating are all popular choices, but they’re only the tip of the iceberg. Iridescent plating shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow under any light source, and colored metals like white powder coated metal can brighten up any type of artwork. 

Certain types of plating work with certain types of designs. Rainbow metal is better suited for artwork without a lot of colorfill since the plating will take center stage. Colored metals make a big impact, setting the tone for a design, and work best with complementary enamel colors that help the plating stand out even more. 

Gemstones are one of the most popular upgrade options for custom charms. They have the potential to make any kind of design sparkle a little brighter. Jewelry quality charms will often have different colored gemstones embedded into the designs. We’ve also seen gemstones used to represent stars, a cat’s eyes and even pirate treasure in some of the more unique pins we’ve helped create.

Charms are meant to be worn, so make a custom charm that you are proud to display and let everyone know that you created it yourself. Get started by filling out our free quote form or emailing us at Our team of artists can take any idea and turn it into digital artwork for you to review. There is no obligation to buy so what are you waiting for? See what your custom charms could look like today!

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