How To Create Custom Trading Pins

Custom trading pins are a big part of sports culture.  We work with teams worldwide to come up with custom designs that meet their needs and exceed their high expectations.  We offer a number of different trading pin styles for coaches and parents to choose from.  This allows us to create a custom memento that everyone responds to well.

In addition to making every player feel like a winner despite the outcome of a game, custom trading pins add an element of fun.  A winning spirit is enough sometimes to make a season successful.  Young players improve with each game.  They simply need encouragement from you.

Value = Affordability + Quality

While there are other factors at play, quantity, color and add-ons will make the biggest impacts on the price of custom trading pins.  An order of 1,000 pins will cost less (per pin) than an order of 100.  Typically, the more colors you add to your pins, the more they will cost.  Likewise, the more special features you add (spinners, danglers, etc.), the more the lapel pins will cost. Watch for companies that offer good value.  Practically any lapel pin manufacturer can reduce prices and offer cheap pins that may not last through the season.  It’s the manufacturers that provide true value – quality materials and workmanship at a reasonable price – that should get your business. Also look for bonuses.  You can sometimes find vendors that provide free color, free proofs and other extras.

Creative Designs

This is certainly not the time for stock lapel pins or ordinary designs.  Kids want it all!  To make them happy – and proud to trade pins with their fellow players – you’ll want eye-popping designs that stand out from the millions of other pins out there. Ask to see samples of the lapel pin company’s work to ensure they have what it takes to craft pins your kids will want to wear and trade. From baseball to football and beyond, make sure your child’s team is well represented with custom sports trading pins that show their team spirit!

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