How Many Colors Can My Custom Pins Have?

A splash of color is often all it takes to turn a simple design into something brilliant and exciting.  Interior decorators demonstrate this on a daily basis as they strategically place different hues in areas of homes throughout the country as a way of increasing their appearance and appeal.  Custom pins are similar in the respect that they, too, can be bold and attractive.  Through the use of certain color combinations, your business or organization can achieve different looks easily and at no additional cost to you. Color plays a major role in creating attractive, eye-catching designs.  Not only can it enhance certain areas of a lapel pin, it can also be used to emphasize a word, phrase or company name.

Different shades can be used to highlight custom artwork as well. Color gives logos and graphics depth and dimension.  It also can dramatically change the appearance of lapel pins when switched around. A thoughtful lapel pin design accomplishes many things.  Not only does it generate interest in you, your products, services, and events, it also is a verifiable way to educate, promote, and reward individuals in the public or within your organization.  Color appeals to people’s senses and gets them thinking about what it is you have to offer.  For that reason alone, you should consider maximizing the palette of colors made available to you through Quality Lapel Pins.

Psychologists report that certain colors evoke a variety of emotions.  Sports teams and schools use color as a way to make them memorable to other athletes and spectators.  People often choose a favorite color and incorporate it into their wardrobe.  Colored lapel pins are thoughtful and effective.  They do their part to gain and hold onto the public’s attention. If you are looking for a way to make your lapel pins shine, consider personalizing it with color.  Not only will it improve the appearance your custom artwork, it will also increase the value of the pins that you order. Get started by filling out a free quote or by emailing us or calling us. The first 4 colors are included in your custom pins. Work with one of our trained artists today to see what would work best for your idea!

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