How Do You Make Custom Pins?

It all starts with an idea! What do you need pins for? Your event? Your business? Your team? Or maybe you just want to sell your own designs. No matter your artistic ability, start by coming up with an idea and putting pen to paper. It can be a description of what you want your pin to look like or it can be a rough sketch of the pin's layout. We have a team of trained artists that will take your concept and bring it to life. You can even search the web and find similar images for us to work off. It starts with your idea, you just need to share that vision with us!

When you fill out our free quote form you can let us know the size and quantity you need made. Then you can upload a file if you have some form of artwork ready to go. Once we receive your information one of our artists will get started by creating a digital proof. What is a digital proof? It means we create professional vectorized artwork from your rough sketch. We show you what the pin will look like before it goes into production. You'll have a better idea of the dimensions and colors of your custom pin. From here you'll be able to request revisions from the artist you are working with. After all, it's YOUR pin! Let your artist know what you would like to see.

When you've approved the digital artwork it's time to place the order. Use our online order form to enter your info and you're all set! Your custom pins will go into production. The vector artwork will be used by our production team to manufacture the enamel pins. This typically takes a few weeks to complete. Other companies claiming to have your pins ready in less than a week are not creating custom pins. They are slapping a sticker onto an already existing pin. A lot of other pin makers will say they can deliver fast and cheap pins but you get what you pay for. Our process is the only way to get truly custom enamel pins made to your design. There is a reason we're called Quality Lapel Pins. We only use the highest quality materials and provide the highest level of customer service. Quality is in our name for a reason!

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