Custom Pins For Your Sorority or Fraternity

Club Pins

Fraternities and sororities are a big part of life on campus. In addition to organizing and attending events on college and university grounds, they also participate in programs based throughout their communities and states.  For those involved, being a part of a collective effort boosts self-esteem, encourages teamwork, and instills a sense of camaraderie among “brothers” and “sisters”.  Members of the fraternal organizations forge friendships that often outlast their school years.  Custom lapel pins bearing the group’s Greek name and class year serve as a concrete reminder of the role the fraternity or sorority played in that student’s life.

Why a Lapel Pin?

A popular collector’s item for members and non-members, custom lapel pins are often worth tens of thousands of dollars because of their historical significance. Unlike a lot of promotional products, custom lapel pins retain their value throughout the years.

Branding Your Fraternity or Sorority

Historically speaking, custom lapel pins become the primary symbol of the fraternal organizations.  Although other pieces of merchandise exist to help identify members, nothing is as historically significant as a custom lapel pin featuring a fraternity or sorority’s unique crest or image.  

How Custom Lapel Pins Are Used

Custom lapel pins can help recruit new members called “pledges”.  They are worn in highly visible areas and can be used to generate interest in a fraternity or sorority.   Although lapel pins are not worn at all times, they are seldom handed down or given away.  They are intended to be cherished keepsakes. Get started by filling out our free quote form or email us your idea. One of our trained artists will create digital artwork for you to approve. There is no obligation to buy, so what are you waiting for? See what your custom pins could look like today!

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