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Every business owner and sales manager knows that marketing is a never-ending job. Part of that job is finding unique items to use for giveaways, community outreach, or as small tokens of appreciation to a new client. The key to finding the perfect promotional item is to combine a memorable, quality gift with a budget friendly price. Many businesses are turning to custom lapel pins to meet all their promotional needs. Buying Custom Lapel Pins For the highest quality lapel pin you can expect to pay around three dollars each. Many lapel pin companies require no minimum purchase: good news for small businesses with limited budgets. In fact, finding a quality supplier of lapel pins is not difficult, but there are a few items you should pay attention to before making your decision. Watch for additional costs like set up fees, shipping costs, design fees, and extra charges for color. Reputable manufacturers have transparent pricing structures that include all these and more.

Choose the right custom pin manufacturer

Your best choice will be a company that can provide you with one flat rate. You'll always know exactly what you're getting, and there will be no surprises when the bill arrives. Be sure to ask about turnaround time as well. Some companies have extensive production times that can stretch into three or four weeks. If you've got a big event coming up, you can't afford to wait weeks for delivery. A good supplier will be able to get your custom pins delivered to you in ten days or less. One Small Item, Many Promotional Opportunities One of the great advantages of lapel pins is their versatility. They're equally at home in the boardroom or at tradeshows, so no matter where your business takes you, your promotion will always fit right in. Custom lapel pins are perfect when you need a little something to show appreciation for existing clients, or to get your foot in the door of a potential new customer. Use them as part of a care package your sales representatives can leave when cold calling, and they'll be more likely to get a call back.

Designing Your Custom Pins

Add some flare by making lapel pins part of the place settings when you entertain potential clients. Community events such as parades and carnivals provide an opportunity for a little good will building. Lapel pins are an affordable way to let your neighbors know how your business contributes to the local economy and supports local initiatives. Custom lapel pins are a stylish and budget friendly way to promote your business in any environment. The best suppliers provide design assistance, artwork, and priority shipping, which means less work for you. Unlike notepads or calendars, lapel pins will be around for years. Their higher perceived value sends the message that - in your business - quality comes first, and that's a marketing message from which every business can benefit.

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