Best Attachment For Your Custom Pins

We offer a variety of attachment options for your custom pins. Choose the one that best fits your design and needs.

Two Terminologies of lapel pins;

Adornment: the face of lapel pins that is where your logo or design would be. It’s what you show to everyone.

Attachment: the back of lapel pins, attachment is how the adornment is fastened.

Attachment of lapel pins can be just as important to as adornment, not only because it keeps lapel pins securely in place, but also because it may make lapel pins more unique and more elegant . We would like to recommend a variety of exciting attachment of lapel pins for you:

Butterfly clutch: Also called a military clutch, one of the most popular modern attachments for pins. Simply push the sharp point of your lapel pins through your left garment and attach the butterfly clutch at the rear. If you want to remove lapel pin just squeeze the butterfly clutch and the pin is released.

Advantage: This attachment is the cheapest one, easy to attach and release from your any of garment, jacket and hats.

Rubber Clutch: A standard attachment option, a rubber clutch is simply a small stopper that goes onto the back of the lapel pins to use.

Advantage: Rubber clutches hold better so they are harder to remove. For example, when used on a hat, they won’t poke you as much as metal.

Magnet: A magnet attachment is composed of a small disc magnet; this strong magnet will hold your lapel pins in place without moving. This is a good choice if you don't want to leave holes in your clothes or want to affix your custom pins onto metal based objects.

Advantage: Magnets have an excellent safety feature. Using this kind of attachment on hats or garment can prevent damage without creating holes.

Safety Pin: The closure on this pin back emulates that of a safety pin. However, it is somewhat smaller and consists of a flat portion upon which your lapel pins is set.

Advantage: They are especially well suited for heavier fabrics, dense articles of clothing and material or very wide pins. Safety pins are the most traditional fastening with a safety-lock – ideal for children’s lapel pins.

Cuff link

Adornments aren’t just used to create lapel pins. With the cuff link option, you can turn your adornment into stylish shirt sleeve fasteners. Cuff links are a great way to add a personal touch to a suit or dress shirt. Wearing cuff link to display your unique sense of style, or simply complete a fashion look.

How to correctly select attachment:

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