Custom Golf Ball Markers


Custom Golf Ball Markers


Quality Lapel Pins is a manufacturer of fine golf ball markers, hat clips, and divot tools. We are able to take your club or event logo and turn it into a high quality custom golf ball marker. They are unique items that are functional and fun. Our golf ball markers are custom made to your design and can be any shape, size, and color. The most common ball markers we make are 1 inch diameter circular golf ball markers. We can make them in any of our pin finishes, but we usually make them in a die struck iron finish. This way they can stick to the magnets in our hat clips and divot tools that we offer, and you can keep the ball marker on your hat or on a divot tool for quick access.

We have no minimum order requirements and welcome orders of all sizes. We store your design specifications and digital proofs, so your ball markers will look the same every time they are re-ordered.

Have a look at the slideshow above for some examples of ball markers we have made in the past. If you like what you see, but want to see a virtual proof of your design, feel free to click the button below to get a proof and a price quote free of charge.

Our representatives are also graphic artists, so you will be working directly with the designer to create and perfect your design ideas. We will help you design your ball markers so they look exactly the way you want them to.

Ball Marker Accessories

Divot Tools

We have several different styles of divot tools, with several different plating styles available for each of them. These divot tools have a circular recessed area with a magnet embedded in it, which holds your ball marker securely in the recess.

Please note that ball markers must be certain sizes to work correctly with these divot tools. The size varies depending on which style of divot tool you want to use, but the most common size is 24mm in diameter.

Hat Clips

We also offer hat clips. We have several pre-made standard hat clip designs, but we can also make custom hat clips with any design you want. Our hat clips have a strong metal clip that holds it onto the brim of your hat. They have a small, strong magnet on the front of them that holds your ball marker securely on the clip until you pull it off. These hat clips do not constrain the shape or size of your ball marker.