Military/Butterfly Clutch

This is our standard pin attachment. It is durable and cost effective. We usually use 2 of these on larger pins to keep them securely in place.

Tie Tack Back

We make both the round head and flat head tie tack backs. They work the same as the military clutches, but are a little more substantial.

Rubber Clutch

Rubber clutches work the same as the military clutches, but they are made out of  rubber. They come in either yellow or black.

Magnetic Back

A small, strong magnet that holds your pin onto your garment without poking a hole in it. Great for pins that are worn frequently.

Nut and Screw

A thick threaded post is soldered onto the pin, and the clutch is a small brass nut. This attachment is very rugged and durable.

Safety Pin

The safety pin attachment keeps pins from rotating without having to use 2 regular post attachments.

Swivel-Bar Cufflink

Our cufflink attachments are perfect for custom cufflinks. This durable attachment lets you have cufflinks that match your lapel pins.

Tie Bar Clip

With this tie bar clip, you can turn your design into a custom tie bar.

Beaded Neck Chain

A beaded chain for necklaces. This is the standard chain that we use for dog tags, but it works great for all custom necklace pendants.

Other Neck Chains

We have many different types of necklace chains available, from heavy chains to fine chains.

Neck Ribbon

We use these neck ribbon attachments on our custom neck medals. We have many colors and sizes available.

Pin Ribbon

These ribbons are for military-style medals. They have a safety pin attachment on the back. We have many colors and sizes available.

Key Chain

A short chain and split ring that is perfect for custom key chains. It is durable and long lasting to keep your key chain and keys secure.

Leather Key Fob

A leather key fob is another type of key chain. Round emblems are embedded in the fob, and other shapes are attached with a loop at the top of the emblem.

Money Clip

A thick, strong metal clip that can either be used as a money clip or a belt clip. We have several different sizes of clips available.

Peel & Stick Adhesive

A strong double-sided adhesive that goes on the back of emblems. Just peel the protective paper off of the back and place it.

Brooch Pin

A long, vertical pin with a protective cap. This attachment is mostly meant for brooch style pins.

Threaded Studs

Your emblem can be made with one or more threaded studs. These are perfect for grille badges or larger emblems that need to be mounted very securely.

Ball Marker Stud

Most ball markers are flat on the back, but we can also make them with a small stud that sticks into the turf to keep it in place better.

Tie Tack with Chain

A normal round-head tie tack back, but with a small chain and bar attached to it. This keeps your tie securely in place, even in strong winds.